Autopia: HD Polish Review by House of Wax

Product Review by: House of Wax on Autopia

“Got a chance to finally mess with HD Polish…

I’m trying it out on my 2007 Dodge Ram that is in the process of getting prepped for winter. I will be doing a full correction on the entire vehicle, but for the purposes of evaluating this product I tested it on one of my doors without any compounding so I could see how much defect it would remove on its own. The weather outside today isn’t being cooperative to get good defect shots, so I’m making due with my garage lighting. Fortunately the paint is in pretty good shape but has a fair amount of light swirls and scratches that you can find if you’re looking for them. I had a hard time capturing the defects in pictures….they were much easier to see in person. I’d have to say overall it’s quite a nice product. It easily took care of all of the light defects with little effort and left the paint with a nice gloss and smooth as a baby’s butt. The only defects left were a couple of deeper ones that I would have no expectations of this product or any other in it’s class to take care of. I’ll have more pictures in a full write up of the detail when I’m done and the weather is nicer.


Bottle is just fine. Sharp packaging with a good spout (easy to open/close with one hand). No noticeable chemical smell. Easily took care of the defects that I would expect it to. No dusting. Very little effort in removal. Leaves a nice glossy finish.


None that I can think of really. It worked as expected and I would have no trouble reaching for this in the future for light defect removal and/or cleaning up after compounding. “

The product is scientifically designed to produce a dust free, swirl free, deep, high gloss paint finish. It’s the most effective way to remove light to moderate paint defects for the highest shine possible. Product works best when applied in a shaded area but is sun friendly when used correctly. This product is Body Shop Safe, containing no silicone or fillers. Safe for use on fresh paint and soft clears. Amazing hologram and marring free results on all paint colors including jet-black/dark colored paints.

(Thanks, House of Wax!)