Basic Detailing Correction

Let’s face it – at one time or another, every car gets scratched. And if you put yours through an automatic car wash as many do, it will come out with many little tiny scratches. Let’s take a look at the steps to remove those scratches and get the coat back to its original glory.

Firstly, you don’t actually remove scratches. The process works by removing the clear coat around the scratch, so it’s no longer visible. Just as you don’t remove a valley, you take away the mountains around it. If there is a lot of damage, you may want to start by checking how deep the clear coat is with a meter.

If the damage is bad and there is still a lot of clear, you can sand the surface to even it out. If there isn’t too much damage, or there is not a lot of clear, you won’t want to sand the surface. Alternatively, instead of sanding, you may want to clay the surface to remove contaminates.

After clay or sanding, you can cut the surface out with cutting compound. We recommend our AAT 501 or ACA 500. While you can work faster with a wool pad, you can also use a stiff foam pad if you desire.

Next, you will polish the surface with a finishing polish, like our AAT 502 or ACA 520. Carefully inspect your microfiber towel when you go to remove the polish to ensure there isn’t any dirt or debris that could scratch the paint. Finally, you’re ready for a wax or a sealant to finish the whole process off!