Can I Wash My Car with Dish Soap?

There’s a common misconception among DIYers that washing your car with dish soap is a cheap, effective way to wash your car with supplies you already have on hand. While it will clean your car, dish soap is actually a poor choice and may cost you more money in the long run.

Soap specifically designed for use on cars is more refined and specific to car paint, whereas dish soap will strip off the dirt, dull the paint over time, and remove protective wax you might have on the finish. Dish soap depends a lot on the hot water to enhance its cleaning power due to its low-cost, low quality ingredients.

We formulated our 3D car soap with high-quality, pH-balanced ingredients that foam well and remove dirt and grim from your vehicle. Our soap is exceptionally easy to rinse, conserving not just your time, but precious water as well.

Also, thanks to its high lubricity, you can avoid scratching the paint when washing and finish with a slick surface. There are a lot of high alkaline car wash soaps out there that may be harsh to your hands and rough on your automobile, whereas 3D Car soap is gentle enough that you can safely wash your dishes with it. Like most 3D products, our car soap is environmentally safe and has a pleasant scent. For basic washing, we recommend our Pink Car Soap; however, if you want a little wax protection with your wash be sure to try out 3D Wash N Wax.