Dry Cleaning Your Engine Bay

Pro Detailer Body Shop

In this video, 3D will demonstrate how their product can clean your engine bay and protect those wire harnesses and vacuum lines from the harshness of pressure washing with water.

Cleaning your engine bay is as exciting as it is daunting to any gear head! With today’s electronic filled engine bay, sensors and ecu harness are all over the engine bay and the last thing you would want to do is pressure wash your engine bay with water!

3D’s Grand Slam heavy degreaser and waterless wash will make your engine bay look brand-new in just a few steps without bringing in the pressure washer! It is a fact that a cars cleanliness affects its value and keeping your engine bay spotless gives the low mileage impression.

This heavy degreaser is not limited to your engine bay but can also be diluted up to a 15:1 ratio for your kitchen and other household needs such as your barbecue or stove top grill.

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