HD Adapt Discontinued

After very long consideration, 3D has decided to discontinue HD Adapt in an effort to “keep detailing simple” by narrowing down our polishing compound offerings. Unlike many other detail product companies, it has been our mission to not complicate our customers with repetitive polishes and compounds. That is why we have worked tirelessly to make our compounds and polishes not only produce quick, heavy cutting power, but also produce a resulting finish that is second to none. When HD Cut+ was reintroduced a short time ago, it inherited many of the attributes that were pioneered with the HD Adapt technology (Adaptive Abrasive Technology AAT). After much testing, we have been able to mimic both the cutting & finishing abilities that were accomplished with Adapt with the new HD Cut+ as well as the 3D AAT Finishing Polish in most paint correction & polishing comparison scenarios. As with all polishing compounds, pad selection as well as technique is the key to achieve optimal results, but final outcome should remain the same, if not better. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.