How To: Remove Rust Stains

Keeping your car clean also means keeping it clean from the brake and road metal dust that sticks on the hood and front fascia. This is an essential first step as you don’t want those metal particles sticking together or building up into your micro-fiber cloth and act like a sand paper!

In this video, 3D has a perfect example to demonstrate their BDX brake dust remover and 505 correction glaze product on a Maserati that took rust stains dripping on different location of the body – the flat hood surface where layers of rust drippings can be seen and on the door where a drip point was clearly seen and a drip line going down the door. If neglected too long, this can eat through the clear coat and that would be a far more daunting repair process.

Spraying the BDX will demonstrate the presence of metal dust on the surface by turning purple as seen in the video. Once the rust particles have been removed and the level of damage on the paint revealed, you can either use 3D’s waterless wash to clean the surface or if there is a rust stain eating through the clear coat, you can use 3D’s 505 correction glaze to buff out that stain completely as demonstrated in both sections of the car.

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