Mini Review: HD Wash

Check out this review on Autopia by Top189h, he was testing HD Wash and gave a great honest opinion on the product he received as part of our Free Gift Giveaway this past holiday season.

With my giveaway of HD Poxy, I also received HD wash. I’ve tried several different soaps, and except for a few, I haven’t really enjoyed any of them to pay much attention to them. This soap is one of the few that I really enjoyed, so much so that I had to do a review on it.

Price: 7.99 for 16oz (a pretty good deal in my eyes)

Packaging: I’m not sure about the 16oz, but this bottle had a nice flip top and seemed to be pretty high quality.

Scent: A wonderful grape, almost candy like scent

Dilution: I used 1oz to 2.5 gallons

Now onto the actual review. It was used on my truck, which is driven daily, and thanks to the wonderful winter we’ve had so far, it hasn’t been washed in a month because every day it has been below freezing, it has rained. The truck was covered in salt and grime and so this would be a good test for HD wash’s cleaning ability, and it didn’t disappoint.

One of my favorite parts of the soap was how easily it rinsed.

HD wash was a great product, I gave it’s scent a 5/5, lubricity a 4.5/5 cleaning ability a 4.5/5 price a 5/5 and overall, I really enjoyed it. I find the most important part of a car wash to be scent and lubricity, and for those reasons, it is definitely one of my top 5 favorites, without cost being a factor, I have Dodo Juice Sour Power at #1 followed by BTBM, and then Pinnacle at #3 with Mr Pink, Adam’s, Zymol’s otc and HD pretty well tied. However if considering cost, HD wash may very well be #1 and it will probably be my go to for customer’s cars once I run out of some soaps I already have.