What Makes 3D ONE Different?

With the recent release of 3D ONE, we’ve gotten quite a few questions on what makes it a hybrid product, and how it differs from the other products on the market, specifically our HD line. To really explain what makes 3D ONE such a revolutionary addition to any detailer’s arsenal, let’s break down the differences between ONE and the rest of our car care products.

Firstly, 3D ONE will replace HD Cut and HD Polish. Not only will it replace them, but it will do a much better job than the two products combined. HD Cut used an older Nano technology, while ONE features alpha ceramic technology of aluminum oxide fused with ceramic. The aluminum is a conductor of heat and ceramic insulates heat, meaning they counteract each other. You won’t have to worry about burning the surface nearly as much as you would with Nano technology or abrasives that only have the aluminum oxide.

ONE is also not HD Adapt with a fancy label; in fact, Adapt had some of the older Nano abrasive technology and we often heard that it would gum up heavy cut pads. ONE is actually designed to do everything Adapt was meant to, but without the associated flaws. Additionally, ONE won’t cut as well as ACA 500, but will polish similar to ACA 520. These professional body shop products are specifically designed for a single purpose and combining the function as we did with ONE means you won’t get as pure a result as you would from these individually.

But perhaps the number one question we’ve received is how ONE differs from HD Speed. 3D ONE does not contain a wax component, meaning it had no fillers, whereas Speed features Montan-based wax. Speed is a polish and wax product, making it a great secondary product to use after ONE if you see some towel marks left after.

Because ONE does not have any wax, you’ll want to finish the job with a product that does contain a wax or sealant. Since ONE cleans up the surface and creates a nice high gloss/shine, your wax, coating, or sealant can properly bond to the paint and will last longer. We recommend HD Speed or HD Poxy to finish it off.