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Detailing Made Simple: Saving Time in the Prep Bay - 3D Car Care

Detailing Made Simple: Saving Time in the Prep Bay

Many professional detailers and novices as well are plagued by the amount of time spent just to prep a vehicle before performing a full detailing. Many spend 2, 3 and even 4 hours just to prepare a car for the detailing process!! I can’t help but to scratch my head when I read how in-depth a person feels they need to go just to prep a car for a detailing operation. Even though properly prepping a car is unarguably the most important step in the detail process, some are under the false notion that the vehicle has to be surgically...

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Foam Washing Efficiently - 3D Car Care

Foam Washing Efficiently

Enthusiasts take car care a couple notches higher and are always wanting that consistent cleanliness and shine all throughout the life of the vehicle! The technique to achieve that can be narrowed down into two categories, excellent car care product and proper washing procedure! 3D’s wash n wax will take care of the car care product part and 3D will also show you the proper technique in washing your car in an efficient manner – proper procedure will ensure the result and this will save water too! Wash N Wax™ is a rich, highly concentrated, thick car wash shampoo fortified...

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Waterless Car Wash - 3D Car Care

Waterless Car Wash

Ever fancy washing your car inside the comfort and shade of your garage? 3D’s Waterless Car Wash product gives you that worry free option! The proper procedure coupled with the right tools and 3D Waterless Car Wash product, you can clean your car to your standard in the comfort of your garage or if you enjoy the sun, you can do it on your driveway as well! This how-to-video will show you how to use 3D’s Waterless Car Wash effectively with the proper technique using two micro-fiber towels (damp and dry) and a soft lug brush to clean your grille...

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