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Detailing a Motorcycle’s Paint - 3D Car Care

Detailing a Motorcycle’s Paint

Car Pro Detail finished this Honda CBX Motorcycle detail with beautiful results! They cleaned it nicely with HD Products. After washing it down, they worked on the paint correction. The products they used: HD Cut HD Polish Then followed with a paint sealant, HD Poxy You can see the results of the paint correction and auto detail on this motorcycle through the pictures below. Check out the stunning results!

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Detailing Made Simple: Saving Time in the Prep Bay - 3D Car Care

Detailing Made Simple: Saving Time in the Prep Bay

Many professional detailers and novices as well are plagued by the amount of time spent just to prep a vehicle before performing a full detailing. Many spend 2, 3 and even 4 hours just to prepare a car for the detailing process!! I can’t help but to scratch my head when I read how in-depth a person feels they need to go just to prep a car for a detailing operation. Even though properly prepping a car is unarguably the most important step in the detail process, some are under the false notion that the vehicle has to be surgically...

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Autopia: HD Polish Review by House of Wax - 3D Car Care

Autopia: HD Polish Review by House of Wax

Product Review by: House of Wax on Autopia “Got a chance to finally mess with HD Polish… I’m trying it out on my 2007 Dodge Ram that is in the process of getting prepped for winter. I will be doing a full correction on the entire vehicle, but for the purposes of evaluating this product I tested it on one of my doors without any compounding so I could see how much defect it would remove on its own. The weather outside today isn’t being cooperative to get good defect shots, so I’m making due with my garage lighting. Fortunately...

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HD Touch and HD Express at its Best! - 3D Car Care

HD Touch and HD Express at its Best!

Testarossa Tuesday courtesy of Platinum Motor Cars. This beaut has only 500 original miles! HD Touch wipe down followed by a few squirts of HD Express woke up this 30 year old original single stage Rosso Corsa finish! Check out the pictures..

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