Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT) Explained Further - 3D Car Care

Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT) Explained Further

What’s most interesting about HD and now 3D polishing compounds that contain this special technology is that it extends what is possible in both cutting and finishing characteristics because of not just the unique abrasives used, but also a special chemical booster that allows the abrasive package to cut harder and quicker while also finishing better. It’s almost as if this creates a multidimensional symmetry of sorts by pushing the boundaries of what a compound and polish are capable of achieving. Many manufacturers source their abrasives from similar sources. However, these abrasives can only do so much by themselves .Giving...

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HD Adapt Discontinued - 3D Car Care

HD Adapt Discontinued

After very long consideration, 3D has decided to discontinue HD Adapt in an effort to “keep detailing simple” by narrowing down our polishing compound offerings. Unlike many other detail product companies, it has been our mission to not complicate our customers with repetitive polishes and compounds. That is why we have worked tirelessly to make our compounds and polishes not only produce quick, heavy cutting power, but also produce a resulting finish that is second to none. When HD Cut+ was reintroduced a short time ago, it inherited many of the attributes that were pioneered with the HD Adapt technology...

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Foam Washing Efficiently - 3D Car Care

Foam Washing Efficiently

Enthusiasts take car care a couple notches higher and are always wanting that consistent cleanliness and shine all throughout the life of the vehicle! The technique to achieve that can be narrowed down into two categories, excellent car care product and proper washing procedure! 3D’s wash n wax will take care of the car care product part and 3D will also show you the proper technique in washing your car in an efficient manner – proper procedure will ensure the result and this will save water too! Wash N Wax™ is a rich, highly concentrated, thick car wash shampoo fortified...

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Free December Detailing Seminars - 3D Car Care

Free December Detailing Seminars

Held at the 3D Training Academy in Santa Clarita, CA USA: January 24 to 27 February 21 to 24 March 28 to 31 April 25 to 28 May 23 to 26 June 27 to 30 July 25 to 28 August 29 to 30 September 26 to 29 October 17 to 20 November 14 to 17 December 12 to 15

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