Dilution Techniques: Cleaning Chemicals - 3D Car Care

Dilution Techniques: Cleaning Chemicals

When it comes to detailing/cleaning chemicals, when you buy in bulk the solution is typically concentrated, whereas consumer sizes are typically ready to use. This means that car soaps, carpet shampoo, glass cleaner and degreasers purchased in higher volumes will need to be diluted. You can either get a dilution system that adds the correct amount of chemical to the water as you fill your spray bottle, or you can measure and mix the chemical and water in the spray bottle. So, what is the easiest way to do this? Here are some helpful tips: Car soaps can simply be...

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Basic Detailing Correction - 3D Car Care

Basic Detailing Correction

Let’s face it – at one time or another, every car gets scratched. And if you put yours through an automatic car wash as many do, it will come out with many little tiny scratches. Let’s take a look at the steps to remove those scratches and get the coat back to its original glory. Firstly, you don’t actually remove scratches. The process works by removing the clear coat around the scratch, so it’s no longer visible. Just as you don’t remove a valley, you take away the mountains around it. If there is a lot of damage, you may...

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The Right Towel for the Job - 3D Car Care

The Right Towel for the Job

When buying a microfiber towel to use in detailing your car, you will want to get the right type of towel to fit the job. At first it may seem that all microfiber towels are one and the same, but the thickness, length of fibers, and tightness of the weave all impact their ability to perform different tasks. A thick microfiber is best used for cleaning and dusting, while a thicker towel with a tight weave and short strands will hold a lot of water and can be used to remove a lot of water after washing and speed drying....

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