3D International LLC

3D International LLC is a manufacturer of premium, cutting edge car detailing products that are formulated and developed with quality green, biodegradable and natural ingredients for over 30 years locally in Santa Clarita, California. The ingredients used in 3D products are free form glycol ethers phosphates, ethylates, and always meet or exceed Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) compliance. We have created a well established and identifiable brand that is highly trusted in the car care industry among professionals and individuals around the world.

We have just created the first Adaptive Abrasive Technology Rubbing Compound and Finishing Polish that is now the new standard for body shop compounds and polishes for leveling speed and quality of finish. 3D’s passion to produce the industry’s best products has drawn the attention of business worldwide and is now sold in 26 countries.

Distributor Level




Minor Distributor


Major Distributor

3D price lists also includes MSRP and detailers and smaller account pricing which is what we referred to as level two.

Sales Potential

3D distributors have numerous opportunities to sell 3D/HD products and grow their business, including; establish and promote a retail location with a protected territory (Master/Export distributors only). Create a sales route and deliver 3D products to their customers and or sell 3D/HD products to existing car care supply companies. Sell the new AAT line to body ships and collision centers. Sell to city, state and government agencies, schools, hospitals, police and fire departments and the large list of customers mentioned below.

Market retail sized products to the DIY and at car shows. Promote 3D/HD products to the many car clubs in any part of the nation or world and participate in or sponsor car club events. Car care training seminars at retail or warehouse location. Offer free 3D training courses for larger companies and sell 3D comprehensive training courses to detailers and body shops for additional support and income.


Developing revenue through a products delivery sales route is essential to the success of a 3D retail or warehouse distributorship. Sales routes can be done in two ways. One way is to buy and wrap a box truck or a sprinter type van to create a traveling store. We can direct the designs for the vehicle wraps and pictures and instruction to set up these vehicles.

Products and supplies can be sold to city and state agencies, fire departments, new and used auto dealerships, RV service centers, body shops, collision centers, large manufactures who need industrial strength cleaners, trucking companies, bussing companies, etc. These customers are looking for quality products, fair prices, knowledgeable professionals with good service and reliable deliveries.


The second way to build income from a sales route is to offer 3D/HD products to establish car care product supply companies, also referred to as Jobbers. These companies already sale products from competing car care manufactures to their established customers. Many of these jobbers are looking for new and or better products to represent and sell to their customers.

The profit margins might be slightly lower than selling directly to the customer, but the cost of selling and supplying 3D products to these jobbers are much less. Most of these jobbers will be very impressed with the quality and performance of 3D/HD products and will appreciate the opportunity to make higher margins from what their currently making.

This type of account will be very profitable for any distributorship and provide almost instant income for a new distributorship. 3D now offers 3 professional car care product lines; 3D AAT Body Shop products, HD Professional detailing line and 3D Professional line. This gives our distributors an opportunity to sell different products to similar types of businesses.

Potential 3D/HD Customers

  • New and used auto dealerships
  • Car washes w/ detailing services
  • Body shops and collision centers
  • Motor home dealerships
  • Mobile detailers
  • Motorcycle shops
  • Aircraft detail suppliers
  • Retail boats and watercraft stores
  • Car clubs (1000’s in the USA)
  • Tire and wheel shops
  • Large manufactures (any type)
  • Rental car companies
  • Shipping companies (FedEx type)
  • Stereo & electronic shops
  • Trucking Companies
  • Large construction companies
  • Professionals business centers
  • City and State vehicles
  • Police and Fire services
  • Commercial vehicle businesses
  • Hospitals
  • Car shows
  • Convention center events
  • Local auto classifieds
  • Private jet rental companies
  • Limousine companies
  • Gas stations with garage
  • Window tint shops

Getting Started with Distributorship

Selecting a retail location with the greatest sales potential is obvious. If selecting a location which will attract the retail customer the location must be convenient and visible to the largest number of potential customers. The major portion of a distributor’s sales will come from large accounts, but the HD line has the potential of drawing detailers and the DIY retail customer with higher profit margins, making HD a very profitable part of a distributorship.

The location should have enough parking to accommodate weekend events such as detail training, car clubs and car shows. The ideal location would include a roll-up door (or two) in the back or side of the building to accommodate at least one full size vehicle. The size of the building should be 1500 to 2500 sq. ft. This is large enough for a 500 to 800 sq. ft. retail store in the front of the building and a full service detailing bay for product demos and detail training courses. This size building could also include 200 to 600 sq. ft. stockroom for products to be delivered quickly to large accounts. If the building isn’t large enough to accommodate a storage area or storage space would be too expensive, obtaining a separate storage unit close to the store, where the sq. ft. dollars are cheaper, can be a very effective way to provide quick shipments and save money.

The retail store design, building materials and merchandising scheme will be directed by 3D with input and final approval from the distributor. 3D will provide the signage to complete the look and feel of our professional “3D High Definition Car Care” distributorships.

3D/HD Products and Supplies. 3D International LLC Level 5 distributor offers the highest discount level available with no monthly or yearly distributor’s fees. 3D Level 5 Distributorship agreement requires that the distributor stock no less than 80% of the store or warehouse’s chemical products with 3D/HD products. 3D products are some of the very best body shop, detailing and care car products available. 3D recently went “toe-to-toe” with the industry’s best products and was proved to correct faster, finish better, clean off easier and use least amount or product, without the need of fillers (most competitors use fillers to hide the correcting flaws in their compounds and polishes).

3D products were determined to be the “best over-all” through independent testing. In the auto body and detailing business “time is money”, 3D distributors and their customers, sell and buy our products with confidence, knowing every product; cleans, compounds, polishes and protects exactly as the labels indicate. 3D only uses quality green, biodegradable, natural ingredients to achieve superior results in the fastest time and with the least amount of product. 3D has set a new standard of “High Definition Car Care”.

3D will assist distributors in the selection of products, equipment and supplies needed to set-up retail stores or warehouses. Once the store or warehouse is completed and the merchandise arrives, 3D will direct the merchandising of the product, equipment and supplies. Some products are manufactured as ordered; the average manufacturing time is 5 to 7 working days from the time the order is accepted. Shipping time and costs will vary greatly depending on distance and carriers. 3D Distributors will pay for the products before the shipment leaves the warehouse.

Product knowledge and system know-how is essential to the success of our distributors. 3D spends a tremendous amount of time and money training our distributors and customers how to achieve the best results with our products.

Every distributor will go through our Detailing Academy to become a certified detailer and paint correction technician. Each distributor must gain hands-on knowledge to feel completely comfortable with all our products, supplies and use of equipment “before” they can achieve the success they want as a distributor. Distributors begin with extensive product knowledge instruction and conclude with our 4 day SPEED and DELUX detail and Paint Correction course.

The training includes the advantages of waterless cleaning, micro fiber technology and the correct use of accessories and equipment. Four full days of hands-on detailing and paint correction buffing, polishing, waxing and application of paint sealant.

Distributors will have the opportunity to offer our training, free, for larger accounts when they carry 3D products. The 1 day, 2 day and 4 day training courses can be sold to body shops technicians, detailers and the DIY for additional distributorship revenue.

The correct systems and procedures will help each 3D distributor achieve success and maintain control of their bottom line. The point of sales system is essential in retrieving correct inventory information and maintaining the proper levels of product. Achieving “real inventory levels” will take a few months, as each market and distributorship will differ.

3D will advise our distributors on the amounts of products needed to start and help with the adjustment of products. Effective inventory systems help keep the “honest” customers and associates, “honest”. Organization, training and inventory control systems are the best methods to keep the profits growing and the losses at a minimum. Cameras and security systems are also effective deterrents to keep loses to a minimum.