Green Initiative

3D Goes Green

At 3D, we realize the importance of green car products, safety, and concerns for health. After all we as humans are constantly exposed to harmful situations and/or toxic substances daily whether we want to or not. In an effort to reduce these harmful occurrences, we are constantly thinking ahead of market trends and government regulations. We converted our formulas to become VOC Compliant 5 years before it was a mandated regulation.

We have also converted our products to become more environmentally friendly, which means green and/or biodegradable formulas. 3D car care products offers a wide range of natural-source ingredients for almost all functionalities including active ingredients derived from different parts of various plants. We are constantly improving our products and business practices for ‘greener’ methods.

Our Mission

At 3D Products, we are dedicated to providing superior car care / cleaning products and training that is efficient and ‘environmentally responsible’ to our customers and distributors. Our research and development resources aim to accomplish one goal; to ensure every car wash product is sustainable and meets or exceeds regulatory compliance standards without sacrificing performance. As a company we strive each day to provide our customers with the useful support and innovative ideas.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

It’s important to understand that being green is a major positive contributor to your business, environment, and customers. It not only helps in marketing your business, keeping employees safer, helping reduce harmful waste that goes directly to our storm drains and beautiful earth, yet it also gives personal satisfaction to know that you are doing the right thing. Why waste when you can save? Why harm when you can do better? Why go toxic when it costs the same if not cheaper to do the greener and more environmentally sound way?

Safety and moral responsibility are very important. In any business, employees are our most important asset. They are the ones using these products daily- you can be sure that when your employees are using green 3D Products it will keep your business safe and create a strong case against getting sued from accidents or health problems. And in any case if you are working with your hands daily you should care about yourself and your health.

Natural, renewable raw materials such as; Oils from coconuts, palm kernels, sunflowers, soybeans, and rapeseed make up a large proportion of the raw materials incorporated into 3D’s modern high-performance chemistry.

Being green is a new trend that relates to social responsibility. When your business promotes green and biodegradable products, practices, and ethics then you are not only helping your business but also the environment.

Lowering VOC
To promote a healthier environment to which we are exposed to daily, since VOC’s can affect the environment and human health.

When chemicals touch the ground, they are eventually washed into our storm drains, which go into the oceans and kill off animal species and pollute the earth. 3D Products biodegradable products prevent this, since they are readily biodegradable.

Waterless Carwash
As you know, we only have a limited supply of drinking water. When you use waterless carwash you are reducing your water use by 99.96%. (Substituting 80-120 gallons with 4-6 oz.)

Yes. Did you know that many cites are mandating car washing regulations that are very difficult to comply with? At 3D, we care about your business so we have created products that have no VOC’s. In addition, our products are biodegradable and/or green. We even have bottles that will help you comply with OSHA regulations that correlate with the product they are used for.

Yes, with no room for runoff, or a difficult location with access to water this is the perfect alternative. And did you know you eliminate 99.96% water usage?

Yes, you heard correct! According to a study in the Industrial Carwash Association (ICA), consumers prefer washing their cars with the most “environmentally friendly” method. Furthermore, if they know that there is a more environmentally friendly way then they tend to switch to whatever method that may be.

Yes, if not more effective. For centuries now traditional cleaning has been done with natural means. We are constantly testing our products for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Yes, 100% Recyclable PETE, HDPE, and…. plastic bottles.

Yes. Well they would have otherwise been thrown into a landfill or not used. So we’d rather use them than have to have new molds made and more of our precious resources used up ie. energy and materials.

Yes. We use computer automated blending and fillers to ensure that no ingredients go to waste and formulas are precise.

“Are You As Green” certification seal ensures that the chemistry we use in 3D products are free of phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates, glycol ethers, and meets volatile organic compound (VOC) compliance. Ingredients used in our formulations are listed in EPA’s Design for the environment (DfE) and Cleangredients list. “Are You As Green” keeps track of changing industry standards for qualifying as a green product so that you can be sure that our chemists are keeping track of products.