Private Label Program

Our chemists perform quality control inspections for each batch of cutting edge formulas. Always setting new industry standards and trends. 3D never compromises performance or excellence in products.

We use green, organic, or natural ingredients whenever possible. Over 95% of our products are biodegradable and/or green. 100% VOC Compliant.


We can manufacture a variety of products that will clean any surface you could possibly think of. With safe formulations that are also effective and efficient you will not only provide your customers with the best product possible but also cut labor costs with efficient cleaning products and keep your environment and employees safe with green and biodegradable chemicals. The original waterless car wash manufacturer and private labeler.


3D State of the Art Manufacturing Facility meets all your needs for a successful manufacturing business nationally and internationally. Full turn-key operation. With onsite business consultants, fully online integrated ordering system. Creating your own custom label.


We manufacture to a wide variety of industries from government establishments, mom-and-pop stores, fortune 500 corporations, which include janitorial, household, furniture, jewelry, and many more industries for different uses.


For over two decades, 3D has been a reputable source as a private label manufacturer behind many successful car care brands with their unprecedented research, dedication to customer satisfaction & service, eco-conscious in both business practices and product formulation. We are committed to bring high efficiency products made from quality ingredients.

Our expertise and highly trained staff can help grow your company, develop a business model, and guide you in the right direction.

Our state of the art facility meets all your needs for a successful manufacturing business nationally and internationally. Full turn-key operation.

Our on-site consultants are available and offer strategic marketing and unlimited chemical solutions that result in customized formulas pertaining to your needs.

Bottles and materials.

Our system allows you to place accurate orders simple and fast, 24-hours a day!

Our in-house design team creates custom labels printed on demand, enabling low start-up costs for new businesses. Most label printers require minimums of 10,000 labels, 3D offers no-commitment to an unsure design, unlimited updates and change options, on-demand printing.

Our on-site printing offers car-wrapping and banner services.

You never even have to handle your products. We’ll Pick, Pack and Ship-it. Or you can store your inventory here and order as necessary.

We offer free material safety data sheets.

Clients & Industries

At 3D we respect our relationship with our customers, by keeping all information strictly confidential. We manufacture to a broad range of industries. Some clients include:

  • Many Waterless Car Wash Brands
  • Music Instrument Cleaners
  • Aviation
  • Janitorial Companies
  • Car Washes
  • Mobile Detailers
  • Dealerships
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Boat Manufacturers
  • Car Detailing Supply Companies
  • Car Care Product Brands
  • Hospital Janitorial Suppliers
  • Restaurant Janitorial Supplies
  • Hotel Janitorial Suppliers
  • Computer Companies
  • Optical Suppliers
  • Jewelers
  • Furniture Companies
  • ...& many more

3D Research

With over 25 years of experience, out founders have dedicated themselves to constantly keep ahead of the industry trends on new products, defining 3D as a worldwide renowned industry leader.

Our research and development department is constantly improving formulas to be better and using the finest compounds to provide a safe, yet effective and superior performance.