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Ceramic Coating Certification



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3D Ceramic Coating Certification

3D Training Academy
25158 Avenue Stanford, Unit B
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Paint Preparation and Ceramic Coating Application:

1 Day Class

  • Definition of Ceramic Coating
  • Proper way to market and sell the service (Detailing, Coating, Paint Correction)
  • How to inspect and prepare the car before the Ceramic Coating application
  • Type of washes: maintenance wash vs. preparation wash
  • Importance of the clay, lubricants and recommendations
  • Type of machinery, benefits and results (dual action vs. Rotary)
  • Different levels of paint corrections and combination between equipment (machinery) chemical (products) pads, backing plates and techniques
  • Speed buffing vs. True paint corrections
  • Proper paint correction and masking methods (optional)
  • 3D one Hybrid Compound, recommended machine and pad
  • Common misconceptions and marketing scams, videos on social media
  • Base coat and second coat
  • How to recognize high spot, low spots, streaking and haze, etc.
  • Glass, windows, plastics and trims, coating applications
  • How to properly maintain the coating.
  • Paint protection film and vinyl, coating
  • Hands-on in a real car (full process of paint preparation and ceramic coating application)
  • Opportunity to test different type of machines, dual action (free spinning and force rotation) rotary, corded and cordless.
  • Paint free of contaminants (very important before applying the Ceramic Coating)
  • Ceramic Coating application part number 935 (one and two coats)
  • Ceramic Touch application part number 936
  • Printed Certificate of Completion

Lunch Provided

Ceramic Coating Certification

Ceramic Coating Certification