6 Simple Alternatives to a Car Wash in Winter

Most drivers avoid a car wash in the winter. After all, everyone’s car looks a little dirty during the winter, right?

While avoiding a car wash altogether may be tempting, we don’t recommend it. Depending on where you live, your state is using sand or road salt to keep roads ice-free. Both of these are harmful to your vehicle.

Sand and salt chew through metal and cause corrosion, especially when stuck to your car from slush or brought into the interior by your boots. Which begs the big question:

Can You Wash Your Car in the Winter?

So what’s the verdict? Can I wash my car in the cold?

Well, that depends. How cold is it outside? If it’s 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below, do not wash your car. At least not with water. 

This is because you’re not likely to finish thoroughly drying your vehicle—particularly hinges and door handles—before it freezes. If it does freeze and you try to open it forcefully, you may seriously damage your car. You may even wind up frozen out of your car… 

6 Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Clean This Winter

Keeping your vehicle clean during the winter will prevent corrosion caused by sand, salt, and ice mixtures. Here are six ways to keep your car clean this winter:  

1. Wash the Car Thoroughly and Often…as Weather Allows

One way or another, you’ll need to wash your car frequently during winter to keep your vehicle clean and free of rust. Fortunately, there are a few ways to go about this, including:

  • Using waterless products
  • Taking advantage of warmer days
  • Washing your car in the safety of a heated garage

If you can’t give your car a thorough wash, do your best to remove slush buildup from your vehicle whenever as possible. It’s not a perfect alternative, but it’s better than nothing. 

2. Replace Carpet with Rubber

Fabric absorbs moisture. If you’re getting into your car with muddy, icy, salty boots every day, you risk rusting your vehicle from the inside out. Traditional carpeted flooring just doesn’t cut in the winter.

Instead, we strongly recommend you invest in waterproof rubber mats for winter use. Rubber mats create a barrier to protect your car from everything you’re tracking in from outside. 

3. Cover Your Car

Car covers won’t keep salt, sand, and slush from eating through the metal of your vehicle, but they’re not without benefits. There are several advantages of using covers on your car in weather, including:

  • Protecting your windshield from scratches caused by scrapers
  • Maintaining your car’s exterior paint and shine
  • Preventing your wiper blades from freezing or failing

It’s best to use car covers anytime your vehicle isn’t in use, regardless of the season. Additionally, you need to find a cover that fits or has adjustable straps to keep it from blowing away or providing uneven coverage. 

4. Keep it Clean With a Waterless Car Wash in Winter

Just because you shouldn’t do a traditional car wash in winter doesn’t mean you can’t wash your car.

3D Waterless Car Wash provides an effective alternative that uses no water, hoses, buckets, or sponges. Our high-quality formula is tough on dirt and slush while staying safe on paint, so you can use it with confidence all winter long.

Our product isn’t just great for winter use, either. Since you won’t need to use water, you’ll be able to go green while keeping your vehicle clean any time of the year. 

5. Always Use 3D Green Microfiber Towels

Never skimp on vehicle towels, because you get what you pay for.

3D microfiber towels are exceptionally soft, thanks to a blend of polyester and polyamide microfiber. With these, you can safely clean your car while avoiding scratches and abrasions in your vehicle’s paint. 

6. Use Final Touch for a Sleek Finish

3D Final Touch takes your waterless car wash to a whole new level. This spray-on detailer removes light dust, smudges, and fingerprints from your vehicle while adding a glossy, sleek shine that will remind you of the days when your vehicle was brand new. 

Final Touch offers:

  • A simple, fast way to keep your car looking new
  • Equally effective use outdoors or indoors
  • An easy wipe-off formula that works with any microfiber towel
  • Extended time between washing and waxing
  • Eco-friendly, high-quality, biodegradable ingredients

Choose 3D Products for a Cleaner Car This Winter

You now know a traditional car wash in winter is a big no-no, but doing nothing to protect your vehicle will leave it vulnerable to rust. Fortunately, 3D products help keep your vehicle clean all year long. 

Start using our quality products to keep your car clean this winter.