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3D GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Wax

3D GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Wax

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The 3D GLW Series Ceramic Wax offers more than just shine; it provides effortless and ultra-slick application, transforming your car into a hyper-glossy masterpiece. Our advanced SiO2 infused formula seals your car's finish, protecting it from unwanted water spots, dirt, grime and more.

  • SiO2 Infused
  • Easy Wipe-On, Wipe-Off Solution
  • Ultimate Hydrophobic Protection
  • Lasts Longer Than Traditional Wax
  • Made in the USA

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glw series ceramic car wax

3D GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Wax

Regular price $34.99
Regular price Sale price starting at $34.99

Product Details

The 3D GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Wax is an extremely durable and hydrophobic ceramic car wax that's also easy to use. Our chemists started by taking our popular traditional car wax and infused it with ceramic properties, tweaking its effectiveness in the process. The end result is a liquid wax that performs better than most carnauba waxes with the added benefit of ceramic protection.

The beauty of Ceramic Wax is that it works on all types of paint finishes. Plus, it's a fantastic tool when used as a topper over an existing ceramic coating. The 3D GLW Series Ceramic Wax isn't just a wax, it's a comprehensive solution that ensures your vehicle not only looks its best, but is protected from UV rays, environmental dangers, contaminants, and more. You're not just waxing; you're safeguarding your car's brilliance and clear coat for the long haul.

detailing applying ceramic wax to purple car with red applicator pad

Simple Wipe-On, Wipe-Off Solution

Experience effortless application with our 3D GLW Series SiO2 Ceramic Wax. Just apply a small amount, let it bond, and then buff it off smoothly to reveal a stunning shine.

detailer applying ceramic wax to red applicator pad

Hydrophobic Protection

Our ceramic wax not only enhances your car's appearance but also fortifies it against water. The advanced formula creates a barrier that repels water and contaminants, ensuring your vehicle stays clean and protected longer.