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Black Foam Applicator - 3 Pack

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  • Thick, soft black foam applicator pad
  • Great for applying liquid gels and lotions on many surfaces
  • Safe on exterior and interior surfaces
  • Use on tires, dashboards, panels, exhausts and more

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Additional Information

Makes applying liquids and also paste wax fast and easy

Our 3D Black Foam Applicator pads is thick, soft density foam that are easy to grip and thus easy to move over flat surfaces or curved surfaces.

These applicators have a tapered edge that works well to reach into tight spaces for full and uniform application of any liquid products like waxes, sealants, leather, vinyl, and tire dressings.

What is it?
A red soft density, open cell foam applicator pad.

What does it do?
Enables you to apply and spread lotions, liquids, dressing.

When do you use it?
Anytime you need to apply a product over a surface.

Why use 3D Black Foam Applicator pads over other options?
The thicker, more luxurious foam applicator pad is simply easier to hold and use


For waxes and sealants
Apply product to the face of the applicator and then using a overlapping circular motion spread the product out over a section of a body panel until you have a thin, uniform coat.

For leather, vinyl, and trim dressings
Apply product to the face of the applicator and then massage over surface to be treated.

For tire dressings
Apply product to face of applicator pad and then massage over tire sidewall. Using a clean utility towel, wipe any excess off.

Additional Information
  • Thick, easy to grip soft foam applicator pad.
  • Open cell foam easily absorbs and releases product as you need.
  • Perfect for hand applying paste wax, liquid wax, or synthetic sealants.
  • Use to apply leather and vinyl conditioners and protectants.
  • Works great for applying and massaging tire dressings over tire sidewalls.
  • Excellent for applying dressings to plastic, vinyl and rubber trim and cladding.
Black Foam Applicator - 3 Pack

Black Foam Applicator - 3 Pack