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Foaming Waterless Car Wash

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  • Thick, rich foam makes waterless washing safer
  • Quickly loosens and rinses dirt and road film from paint
  • Wash your car anywhere, anytime fast and easy
  • High lubrication reduces chances for marring or swirls

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Additional Information

The best way to wash any car is with a source of running water, like a traditional bucket wash where you have free-flowing water from a garden hose. The thing is, we don’t all have access to running water all the time and in some cases, a waterless wash is a better and even a greener solution.

A lot of people don’t know this, but 3D introduced the very first waterless wash in the car care industry. Our 3D Waterless Car Wash was introduced before most people even understood the concept. This is because here at 3D one of our foundational goals is to create environmentally friendly products. Together with our slogan, do more with less and detailing made simple, our chemists continually strive to create state-of-the-art formulas that meet and exceed these goals.

Because our corporate headquarters and U.S. manufacturing plant is in Santa Clarita, California, we understand how precious our water resources are and thus this inspired us to create the first waterless wash. 

3D Foaming Waterless Car Wash takes our original product, 3D Waterless Wash to a higher and foamier level. This new version (of the original) gives you all the cleaning power you need PLUS when used with a pump-up foam sprayer or any spray bottle with a quality foaming spray head, the high-foaming formula will create a thick, rich layer of waterless car wash foam over any surface you need to clean.

The cleaning ingredients go right to work dissolving and emulsifying surface dirt and road grime. As these soils are penetrated, they are lifted outwards and suspended in the foam, which at its core are simply millions of tiny bubbles. These tiny bubbles hold the suspended dirt and grime away from the surface enabling you to wipe them off safely thus reducing the potential for any marring, swirls or scratches.

The thick, rich, creamy foam offers excellent lubrication between your microfiber towel and the surface being cleaned to cushion the wiping action while you remove the foam and all the dirt along with it. 3D Foaming Waterless Wash is the next best thing to a traditional hose and bucket car wash.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? - Waterless car wash formulated to create a foam as it’s sprayed from a bottle or pump-sprayer.

What does it do? - Cleans your car safely by lubricating the surface with a rich, thick layer of foamy waterless car wash.

When do you use it? - Anytime you want to clean your car and you don’t have access to running water or prefer to not use running water or other car wash options.

Why use 3D Foaming Waterless Car Wash over other options? - Here at 3D, we make our own products. We have our own Research & Development Laboratory staffed with our own in-house chemists who are top in their fields of expertise. We can create new and unique formulas and test them multiple times in a single day tweaking them as we go until we have a perfect product. 

Other brands simply are NOT manufacturers and must rely on outside companies and thus are at the mercy of a middleman for both the quality and availability of any category of product. Most, if not all other product manufacturing farms don’t have the ability to create, test, get the feedback and make changes in a single day and in most cases, it requires MONTHS. 

This is the leverage 3D has over all the competition and a valuable benefit to you when you buy from the real deal, the actual manufacturer of the product. 

No matter what the category, if 3D creates a product – it’s guaranteed to dominate the competition on price and performance. You have our name on it.

Waterless washes are real time savers and the perfect answer for those times when you don’t have the option to wash your car any other way – 3D’s Foaming Waterless Wash is the ultimate option waterless wash option and after you use it just one time, you’ll know why this product is so popular among professional detailers and car enthusiasts around the world.


IMPORTANT: Always work on a cool surface in the shade. Always shake liquids well before and during use.

Recommendation: When using any type of wash, start at the highest point on the vehicles and then work your way down and around. For most vehicles, start on the roof, then do the horizontal panels, hood and trunk lid followed by vertical panels like the fenders, doors, hatches, tailgates and grill areas. Lastly – clean all the glass.

Exterior Cleaning

Step 1: Fill a quality pump foam sprayer or spray bottle with a foaming spray head with 3D Foaming Waterless Wash.

Step 2: Spray a thin layer of foamy waterless wash over a panel or for larger panels, just a section of the panel.

Step 3: Using a clean, soft microfiber towel folded 4-ways, make a pass over the inner most section of the panel or area being cleaned from one end to the opposite end of this section. Turn the towel over or re-fold the towel to an unused side and repeat the wiping pattern wiping the surface just next to the first wipe. Repeat this folding or turning of the towel to a clean side and then wiping until al the foamy waterless wash has been removed.

Step 4: Using a clean, dry soft fresh microfiber towel, immediately re-wipe this panel or section of a panel to ensure the resulting finish is dry, streak and haze free and crystal clear. Continue around the car using this technique for each panel or section of a panel.

Interior Cleaning

3D Foaming Waterless Wash is not only excellent for washing the outside of your vehicles it’s also perfect for washing or cleaning the inside of your vehicles. 3D Foaming Waterless Wash works perfect for cleaning any painted, plastic or vinyl surfaces. For example, vinyl seats, consoles, arm rests, door panels, dashes, etc. Also works great for cleaning all the various jambs like door, hood, trunk, tailgate and hatchback jambs.

Step 1: Spray a thin layer of 3D Foaming Waterless Wash over the surface to be cleaned. Allow to dwell for 15 to 30 seconds.

Step 2: Using a clean, dry microfiber towel, wipe the layer of foam and any lifted dirt and grime away with it.

Additional Information

Professional Technique Tip

Before using any waterless car wash, first inspect your microfiber towels to ensure they are clean and free from any sharp, pokey are abrasive contaminants.

Microfiber towels by their very nature are grabby. Just like they excel at grabbing or wiping off car care products, they also excel at grabbing onto foreign contaminants like dirt, sticks, leaves, rocks, etc. Often these particulates will BURY down inside the weave where your eyes cannot see them. 

This is why here at 3D we teach people to inspect their microfiber towels both visually with their eyes and tactically with their sense of touch via their clean hands. If you see or feel any sharp, poky thing in the weave of your microfiber towel, pick it out and re-inspect. If you cannot remove the debris to your expectations and satisfaction, discard this towel or relegate it to non-important tasks like wiping the oils off an oil dipstick when checking the motor oil level in your car’s engine.

Foaming Waterless Car Wash

Foaming Waterless Car Wash