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How to Wash and Maintain a Black Car

If you own a black car, you know how difficult it can be to wash it and keep it clean. Every particle of dust, dirt, water spots and scratches are noticeable on a black car. This is especially true in direct sunlight, as all the imperfections can be clearly seen.

Generally, washing a black car is the same as washing any other color car. That said, learning how to properly wash and maintain a black car will have your car looking sharp. Because the darker color palette is less forgiving, this often discourages drivers who want to wash their car on their own at home. While achieving a glass-like shine on your own isn’t impossible, you should know that washing a black car requires regular care and maintenance with premium car washing and detailing supplies.

Following 3D Car Care’s black car wash and maintenance tips will help you avoid common washing mistakes that can leave your car looking dirtier than before. With proper cleaning and attention to detail, you can have peace of mind knowing you can keep that deep-black paint from losing its shine.

How to Wash a Black Car

Black cars absorb more light than lighter colors, so they reach a higher temperature. Washing a black car in direct sunlight can evaporate the water much quicker. When this happens, it leaves water spots from the calcium and sodium deposits.

It’s highly recommended to wash your black car in the shade or under a cover. If not, try to dedicate washing on a day when it’s cloudy, early in the morning before the sun is out in full-force, or later in the evening when the sun is already going down.

If you have no choice but to wash in direct sunlight, wash the car in sections or by panel to avoid water spots and chemicals drying on the surface.

What You’ll Need

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, tools, and chemicals, it’s time to start washing. Washing a black car is the same as washing any other color car, however more precautionary steps need to be taken. Paying attention to the tools and products you are using is key, as improper usage of said products can damage the finish of the vehicle. As mentioned before, careless washing of a black car is much less forgiving.

  • Park the car in the shade if possible and allow the panels to cool off. Using either a pressure washer or hose, rinse the entire car. This will wash away loose dirt and dust.
  • Using car wash soap and a foamer, foam the entire car, including the wheels and tires, and let it set. Once the foam has been left to dwell for a few minutes, rinse the car off again.
  • Of course, once pre-soak and foaming is done, you always want to start with the wheels and tires. Clean your wheels and tires and rinse them down.
  • Next is the contact wash stage. Using a microfiber wash mitt and a bucket of water and car wash soap, contact wash every panel of the vehicle. Remember to frequently rinse your mitt out to remove any grit that has accumulated on it.
  • Again, you’ll want to rinse the car down and remove any and all remaining soap.
  • From here, you want to dry the car thoroughly using a high-quality microfiber drying towel.
  • Once the car has been fully washed and dried correctly, you can move onto applying sealants, wax, ceramic coatings, etc. More on that below.

Optional Finishing Steps

Although these final touches are optional, we highly suggest you also try:

Hydrophobic Ceramic Spray: A great option to maintain and keep your black car clean is to use an SiO2 ceramic detail spray. While the car is clean, spray and wipe every surface of the car to give it hydrophobic properties. This makes future washing and spot-washing much more convenient and easy.

Water Spots: If your car has water spots, using 3D Eraser Gel water spot removal kit will safely eliminate unsightly water spots from your black car.

Decontamination: Using a decon spray like 3D BDX Iron Remover is a great way to remove iron, of course, but all other surface contaminants and fallout. This leaves your painted surface smooth to the touch, and has the car ready for wax, sealant or ceramic coating.

Polishing: Once your car has been fully washed and dried, you may want to polish it either by hand using a premium applicator pad, or by using a polisher in combination with a high quality polishing pad. Polishing a black car will remove light scratches, scuffs, hazing, and swirls, giving you a deep-black shine.

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Wrapping Up

With the right equipment, the best car wash supplies for black cars, and 3D Car Care’s expert detailing know-how, you too can conquer the washing and maintenance needed to keep your black car clean.

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