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Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover

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  • Carefully removes hard water spots on car paint and windows without damaging surface
  • Reliable shower door cleaner and hard water stain remover for glass, mirrors, and chrome surfaces
  • Simply apply with a sponge or a buffing polisher with a reliable pad for harder water stains
  • For proper application, follow instructions on label

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Additional Information

3D Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover makes removing unsightly water spots and mineral deposits easy. Plus, this powerful but safe acidic thick gel formula is effective unlike most liquid water spot removers on the market. 

3D Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover works by dissolving calcium and minerals that make-up the visual spots or chalky looking circles plus it dissolves the residual chemicals the form the bond between these chalky mineral spots and your cars paint, glass, metal, and plastic surfaces. Simply apply, allow to dwell and then wipe-off.

What is it? - A thick, liquid acidic gel. 

What does it do? - Chemically dissolves and removes water spots and mineral deposits.

When do you use it? - Anytime you discover unsightly water spots and mineral deposits on your car’s exterior surfaces.

Why use 3D Eraser Water Spot Remover over other options? - Here at 3D, we are a manufacture, not a re-bottler. We have our own team of chemists to create our own formulas. 

When you see the 3D name on the outside of the bottle means you know you can trust the formulas on the inside of the bottle.

  • Removes hard water spots & mineral deposits off glass and paint.
  • Thick rich gel formula offers extended dwell time.
  • Clings to vertical surfaces instead of running or dripping of paint.
  • Strong but safe acidic formula dissolves bond so mineral deposits and water spots can simply be wiped-off.
  • Earth-friendly, Biodegradable and V.O.C compliant.

IMPORTANT: Always work on a cool clean surface in the shade.

Step 1: Using a foam applicator pad, spread 3D Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover over the surface to be cleaned. When working on large body panels, like the hood, roof, or trunk lid, divide these panels into smaller section.

Step 2: After application, allow the product to dwell for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Do not let the product dry on the surface. Before the product can dry, remove the residue using a clean, dry microfiber towel.

Repeat this process to the rest of the panel. When finished with one panel, move onto the next panel. Repeat until you have treated the entire car or treated the affected panels, glass, and miscellaneous components.

To neutralize 3D Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover – after removing all water spots and/or mineral deposits, wipe the car down using 3D Waterless Wash or wash entire car using 3D Pink Car Soap or 3D Wash N Wax.

Additional Information

What are hard water spots?

Hard water spots, also referred to as mineral deposits are a common problem. They can be caused anytime your car is exposed to a source of hard water or water that has a lot of dissolved minerals in it along with a lot of other forms of chemical contamination. For example, anytime a water sprinkler sprays your car with water or anytime you wash and rinse your car but don’t dry any standing water off the car.

The most common source for water spots is from both city water and well water. City water is treated to filter and remove dissolved particles, parasites, bacteria, viruses, and toxic chemicals. After going through a filtering process, the water is disinfected usually with chlorine. The chlorine removes or neutralizes any remaining pathogens and also keeps the water clean or sanitary as it flows through and resides in all the various water pipes that run from the treatment plant to the destination location where it becomes available via a water spigot, a shower, bath, kitchen sink faucet or water fountain, etc.

Regardless to the methods used and the extent city and well water are filtered and/or treated, historically, by the time we as car owners use the water – it’s still contaminated.

This contamination is referred to generically as dissolved solids. Some of these dissolved solids include dissolved minerals like calcium. Any standing water not removed dries via evaporation, that is the water or h2O molecules evaporate or turn into a gas and flash into our atmosphere. What’s left behind are water spots and mineral deposits.

Normal washing with a car wash soap often times will not remove the water spots and mineral deposits because there’s a chemical bond that takes place between these contaminants and your car’s paint. 3D Eraser Water Spot Remover dissolves and removes everything, the water spots, mineral deposits, and the chemicals that form a bond to the surface.

The visual appearance of water spots and mineral deposits is a whitish, chalky looking rings or circles on the surface of our car’s paint and glass although you can also get these unsightly deposits on metal surfaces like chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, and anodized trim as well as plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces.

The least aggressive process - As car owners, enthusiast detailers and professional detailers, it is an acknowledged best practice to always us the least aggressive process and/or product to get the job done. This normally applies to polishing car paint I the context of using a polish to remove defects instead of a more aggressive compound because if the polish will get the job done, via the process you’ll leave more paint on the car.

Factory paint is very thin to start with so using the least aggressive process is makes sense and is the pro-active way to preserve as much of the paint is possible so it will last over the mechanical service life of the car.

Chemical water spot removal is better than mechanical spot removal

Generally speaking, if you can remove the water spots on your car’s paint via a chemical removal process this is better and safer for the paint.

The only other option is to mechanically abrade the paint using a compound, polish, or all-in-one type product. The downside to mechanically abrading the paint for a topical defect is you’ll tend to remove some paint in the process. So, if water spots and mineral deposits CAN be removed chemically with 3D Eraser Water Spot Remover – it’s a much better option.

Clearcoat Failure - If and when the paint becomes too thin on your car’s horizontal surfaces like the hood, roof, trunk lid or in the case of a truck, the tops of the truck bed sidewalls, the clearcoat will suffer what we call, clearcoat failure.

This is when the paint looks like it has a bad rash or in extreme clearcoat failure you can actually see a layer of paint peeling off the basecoat or color coat layer of paint. A common cause of clearcoat failure is when the top clear layer becomes too thin it simply disintegrates. This can be cause by excessive compounding and polishing. This is why if water spots, and mineral deposits can be removed chemically via a product like 3D Eraser Water Spot Remover – you avoid abrading the surface and thus leave the paint intact.

Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover

Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover