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8" White Wool Cutting Pad



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  • Heavy cutting knitted Lambswool pad
  • Cuts fast, smooth, and consistently
  • No shedding or linting like conventional wool pads
  • Long lasting durability

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Additional Information

Fast cutting – High efficiency

3D’s wool cutting pads with rotary polishers are the fastest and most efficient pad and tool combo for removing sanding marks, deep swirls, scratches, oxidation, and water spots. The fibers of wool cutting pads are forms of abrasives. These fiber abrasives offer their own dedicated cutting ability. Together with the abrasives in your choice of 3D compound, you now have to types of abrasives cutting for you and this is powerful.

The rotary polisher, because it’s single direction, direct driver or gear-driven tool means zero pad stalling. So the fastest and most time-efficient way to remove sanding marks or other serious and deep paint defects is with a 3D wool pad, a 3D compound, and a rotary polisher.

What is it?
High performance lambswool cutting pad for use with rotary polishers.

What does it do?
When used with 3D compounds and polishes, the 3D lambswool cutting pad removes sanding marks and other deep paint defects like, swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation.

When do you use it?
Typically lambswool cutting pads are used as the first paint correction step after sanding. They are also the first step in a multiple-step paint correction process to remove or level deep swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation. Any wool pad step should always be followed with a foam pad step to ensure there are no holograms left behind from the fibers of the wool pad.

Why use 3D’s White Lambswool Cutting Pads over other options?
The 3D white lambswool cutting pad is a premium cutting pad. We only use the finest lambswool from sheep sheered in Australia. The sheered lambswool undergoes multiple processes step to create the perfect all-natural lambswool cutting pad.

Because of our proprietary treating process, our lambswool pad will also outlast all other wool cutting pads. And because of the uniform pile resulting from the complex treatment process, our lambswool pads will leave a more shallow hologram pattern than other wool pads.

Plus because of the proprietary treatment process, our pads are non-linting and don’t shed like conventional traditional wool pads, so they are cleaner for your shop and the process.


Always work on a cool clean surface in the shade.

Step 1: Attach and center pad onto backing plate. Using compressed air or a pad cleaning brush, ensure the face of the pad is clean and free from any contaminants.

Professional Technique Tips

Clean your 3D white lambswool cutting pad often using compressed air or a pad cleaning brush.

Anytime you’re buffing with any product that uses some form of abrasive technology, for example a compound, polish, or all-in-one, you have 2 things building up on the face of the buffing pad.

1. Spent product
2. Removed paint

This product residue builds up on the face of your buffing pad and needs to be removed often. To clean a wool pad you can use compressed air via an air squirter, or a dedicated pad cleaning brush or a pad spur. Cleaning your buffing pad often ensures you’ll get maximum product and pad performance. You can also work faster while getting better, more uniform, and more consistent results.

Polluting and diluting
If you don’t clean your pad after buffing a section, when you add fresh product to the residue of spent product and removed paint on your pad or work surface – you pollute the fresh product and you also dilute or make weaker the fresh product. This is called working backwards in the process. It’s also an example of working harder instead of smarter.

Gummy residue
If you don’t clean your pad often the resulting residue on the surface will be more gummy and more difficult to wipe off. This will tire you out, require more microfiber towels and worse yet, you risk re-introducing swirls, scratches and marring to the surface you just perfected because now you’re fighting the product residue off the surface.

Work like a professional and you become a professional
Professionals are simply people with years of experience that have learned how to implement best practices that save time and energy while consistently producing pro-grade results.

Take just a few extra seconds to clean your wool buffing pads often you’ll be a professional. You’ll get better results faster with less work and your results will be more consistent over all the surfaces of whatever it is you’re buffing out.

    Additional Information
    • Heavy cutting 100% knitted lambswool pad.
    • Premium quality natural lambswool cuts fast.
    • Uniform pile length cuts smooth and consistently.
    • No shedding or linting like conventional wool pads.
    • Proprietary lambswool treating process outlasts traditional wool pads.
    • Use with 3D compounds, polishes, glazes and AIOs.
    • Use with rotary polishers.
    • For removing sanding marks, deep swirls, scratches, oxidation, and water spots.
    8" White Wool Cutting Pad

    8" White Wool Cutting Pad