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ACA 500 X-Tra Cut Compound

ACA 500 X-Tra Cut Compound

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Discover the power of precision with the 3D Car Care ACA 500, your ultimate cutting compound designed for professionals. Engineered to deliver unmatched results, this body shop safe formula ensures a flawless finish without compromising on safety or quality. Perfect for those who demand excellence in every detail.

  • Body Shop Safe
  • Advanced Cutting Technology
  • Low Dusting Formula
  • Versatile Application
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made in the USA

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3d aca 500 xtra cut cutting compound

ACA 500 X-Tra Cut Compound

Regular price starting at $24.99
Regular price Sale price starting at $24.99

Product Details

In the world of professional car care, the 3D Car Care ACA 500 stands out as a cutting-edge cutting compound that combines efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. Developed with the needs of body shops in mind, this product is not just another compound; it's a solution to the common challenges faced by professionals daily.

ACA 500 is powered by our innovative Alpha Ceramic Alumina (ACA), which allows for the swift and effective removal of surface imperfections such as scratches, swirls, and oxidation, without the risk of creating new damage. This technology ensures that you can achieve a perfect finish faster, saving time and increasing productivity.

One of the most appreciated features of ACA 500 is its low dusting formula. We understand that keeping the workspace clean is crucial for professionals. Therefore, we've designed this compound to produce minimal dust, making the cleanup process as effortless as possible and maintaining a cleaner, healthier work environment.

Flexibility is key in any professional setting, and ACA 500 delivers. Compatible with both dual action and rotary machines, this compound offers versatility to detailers, allowing them to use their preferred tools without compromise.

At 3D Car Care, we're committed to not only providing exceptional products but also to doing our part for the planet. ACA 500 is formulated with eco-friendly ingredients, ensuring that while you're achieving that flawless finish, you're also making a choice that benefits the environment.

How To Use the ACA 500 X-Tra Cut Compound

how to use aca 500 step 1

Step 1

Using a rotary polisher and your desired polishing or finishing pad, apply 4-5 dime-size drops to first prime the new pad.

how to use aca 500 step 2

Step 2

After priming the pad, work ACA 500 onto the surface in a cross-hatch pattern in sections.

how to use aca 500 step 3

Step 3

Wipe off the product with a microfiber towel and check your work.

how to use aca 500 step 4

Step 4

Repeat as needed for desired results.

Professional Grade

Get professional results in less time with ACA 500, a cutting compound designed to help professionals and detailers achieve a showroom finish in less time and effort.

Heavy-Duty Cutting Power

Using a special formulation, ACA 500 offers heavy-duty cutting power that's able to cut through even the worst oxidation, swirls, scratches and more.