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Detailing Clay Pad

Detailing Clay Pad


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The 3D Clay Pad revolutionizes vehicle detailing for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. This innovative tool uses advanced polymerized rubber technology to efficiently remove surface contaminants, leaving vehicles smooth as glass. With a larger surface area than traditional clay bars, it decontaminates up to 50 vehicles before replacement. Designed for use with machine polishers, it offers a faster, easier, and more efficient paint decontamination experience.

  • Removes Stubborn Contaminants
  • Long-Lasting
  • Decon up to 50 Cars
  • Easy to Use
  • Made in the USA

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Detailing Clay Pad - 3D Car Care

Detailing Clay Pad

Regular price $49.99
Regular price Sale price starting at $49.99

Product Details

The 3D Clay Pad: a game-changing tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professional detailers. This innovative clay pad offers a quick and efficient solution for removing surface contaminants from your vehicle, leaving it smooth as glass.

Featuring advanced polymerized rubber technology, the 3D Clay Pad effortlessly removes bonded contaminants such as tar, overspray, caked-on particles, rail dust and more. Its larger surface area ensures greater particle removal with each pass, significantly reducing your detailing time.

The 3D Clay Pad is versatile and safe to use on all vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, and wheels. Unlike traditional clay bars, this pad can decontaminate up to 50 average-sized vehicles before needing replacement. Its unique design allows for easy rinsing between uses, maintaining its effectiveness throughout its lifespan.

Similar to our Clay Towel in functionality, the 3D Clay Pad is specifically designed to be fitted onto a machine polisher, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer power tools for their detailing work. Experience the next generation of surface preparation and paint decontamination with the 3D Clay Pad – faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.