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SPEED is the ultimate all-in-one polish, car wax and polish in one bottle. This premium car wax polish combines scratch removal, swirl correction and a wax sealant all in one convenient product, saving you time, money and effort. SPEED’s advanced formula not only restores color, depth and gloss, but also adds a layer of protection. Keep your car’s finish looking its best with 3D SPEED – the perfect combination of convenience and quality.

  • All-In-One Polish and Wax Compound
  • Polish & Protect
  • Easy Wipe-Off Formula
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Effortlessly Remove Light Scratches & Swirls
  • Made in the USA

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3d speed all in one polish and wax


Regular price starting at $23.99
Regular price Sale price starting at $23.99

Product Details

3D Car Care SPEED is not just another wax polish; it's a comprehensive solution designed for the enthusiast and professional alike. This innovative all-in-one polish integrates the cutting power of a compound with the fine finish of a polish and the protective qualities of a wax, all in one bottle. Whether you're looking to restore a factory-fresh shine or protect against the elements, SPEED has you covered.

Its formula is crafted to work on virtually any type of paint, as well as other materials like gelcoat and plastic surfaces. It's even effective on glass, tackling light water spotting and road film with ease. The zero dusting feature means cleaner application, keeping your workspace neat and your finish flawless.

Applying SPEED is a breeze. It's perfectly suited for hand application, making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts, while also being a top choice for professionals using orbital or rotary polishers. Not recommended for rotary polishers but still doable, it offers flexibility in application methods.

With up to six months of durability for daily drivers, SPEED extends the life of your car's shine and protection. It's the go-to choice for anyone looking to achieve a better-than-new look with minimal effort and maximum impact. Make 3D Car Care SPEED your trusted partner in maintaining your vehicle's aesthetic and integrity.