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  • All-In-One car scratch remover, swirl correction and wax sealant
  • Premium car polish and wax all in one bottle
  • Restores paint color, depth and gloss while also adding a layer of protection
  • For best results, apply with a Dual Action or Random Orbital Polisher

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Additional Information

3D SPEED is the most popular AIO product on the market world-wide.  The reason why is because it works so good and it’s so fast and easy to work with.  In fact, it’s the most versatile AIO on the market today.  3D SPEED can be used with any type of machine, any type of pad and is the most effective AIO on the market if you choose to work by hand.  

Just one of the reasons 3D SPEED is so popular is due to the proprietary abrasive technology created at 3D’s own manufacturing plant in Santa Clarita, California.  Unlike most brands, 3D makes their own abrasive technology in their privately owned manufacturing plant based upon their own research and development by their team of in-house chemists.  Everything from the raw materials to the finished product is controlled and manufactured by 3D. It doesn’t get any more real than this.

Beside incredible paint correction and polishing ability, 3D SPEED leaves behind a layer of synthetic paint sealant blended with Montan Wax.  This proprietary blend creates a sealant that offers long lasting shine with excellent resistance to high heat climates as well as resisting corrosion from exposure to chemical contamination.  This blended sealant also offers excellent gloss, shine, and slickness for reduced marring anytime you wash, dry or in any way wipe the finish.   

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? - 3D SPEED is the world’s best AIO or All-in-One.  The term AIO is interchangeable with the term cleaner/wax, that is it’s like mixing a compound, a polish, and a wax into one bottle.

AIOs are one of the oldest categories of paint correction products in the car detailing industry.  These products were first introduced in the early years when automobiles were first introduced and replacing horse-drawn carriages as a means of transportation.  This category of product enables a person to maintain their car’s finish quickly and easily by removing oxidation and restoring the full richness of color while leaving behind wax protection.

What does it do? - 3D SPEED does three paint correction processes in a single step,

1: Compound - 3D’s unique and proprietary abrasive technology removes defects like swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation WITHOUT inflicting micro-marring at the same time.

2: Polish – 3D’s own polishing agents pick up where the compound leaves off to create a clear, high gloss shine with maximum D.O.I or distinction of image.

3: Protection3D SPEED seals the surface to lock-in the achieved results while locking out all the corrosive substances found in the environment that act to attack and corrode the paint.

While it can be a tick difficult to wrap your brain around how a single product can remove defects while at the same time leaving protection behind – using this product just ONE time will make you a believer.

When do you use it? - Anytime you want to restore a better-than-new factory shine to your car’s paint.  And the good news is you can use this product on virtually any type of paint and also gelcoat, plastic surfaces, and even clear bras or PPF or Paint Protection Film as is known in the detailing industry.  You can even use this product on glass to remove light water spotting, road film and drizzle stains.  3D SPEED is as close to a miracle product you can find it’s that good.

Why use 3D SPEED over other options? - Why use 3D SPEED over competitor’s products?  This is an easy question to answer… because it works so well.  

Let’s take an in-depth look at why 3D SPEED is so good and why everyone should have this product in their detailing arsenal.

3D products use the BEST abrasive technology in the world

The most important factor when it comes to working on car paint is the abrasive technology. 

Why?  Because it is the abrasive technology that is touching the paint first. 

 It is the abrasive technology that must do the impossible.  It must abrade the surface to remove defects without at the same time leaving in their place its own defects.  Any abrasive technology that can do this is an engineering marvel.  The fact of the matter is most paint correction products cannot do this.  When it comes to abrasive technology, products either work or they don’t.  There are no gray areas.  Products do not kind of work.  

If the products you’re used to working with remove defects, but the results always look hazy in the sun – chances are good this is micro-marring caused by inferior abrasive technology.  When this happens the only way to undo the damage is to re-do the job only this time using great abrasive technology.   Same yourself time, energy, and frustration – use products from 3D, including 3D SPEED.


IMPORTANT: Always work on a clean, cool surface in the shade.  Car should already be washed and dried and if needed, use detailing clay first to remove any above surface bonded contaminants.

By Hand

Step 1: Using a clean, soft microfiber or foam applicator, apply a quarter size drop of 3D SPEED onto the applicator and then using an overlapping circular motion, spread the 3D SPEED out over a section of paint about the size of a microfiber towel or 20” x 20”.

Step 2: Next gently massage the 3D SPEED over the surface for about one minute continuing with the overlapping circular motion.

Step 3: Move onto a new section of paint and repeat the above process until an entire panel has been worked with 3D SPEED.

Step 4:  After the wax has dried to a haze, normally around 15 to 20 minutes, remove the wax beginning with the panel where you first applied the wax and then following your path-of-travel, gently and carefully remove the wax using a clean, soft microfiber towels. Turn the towel over or fold to a clean side often.  For best results, switch to a clean, dry microfiber towel often.

By orbital polisher

Step 1: Apply 4-5 nickel sized drops of 3D SPEED to the face of the pad.

Step 2: Using a slow to medium speed, spread 3D SPEED out over a section of paint no larger than 2’x2’.

Step 3: Turn polisher to high speed and begin working the 3D SPEED over the panel using an overlapping, crosshatch pattern for 2-4 minutes.

Step 4: Move onto a new section of paint and repeat the above process until an entire panel has been worked with 3D SPEED.

Step 5:  After the wax has dried to a haze, normally around 15 to 20 minutes, remove the wax beginning with the panel where you first applied the wax and then following your path-of-travel, gently and carefully remove the wax using a clean, soft microfiber towels.  Turn the towel over or fold to a clean side often.  For best results, switch to a clean, dry microfiber towel often.

By rotary polisher

Step 1: Apply a circle of 3D SPEED around the middle of the face of the pad.

Step 2: Using a slow to medium speed, spread 3D SPEED out over a section of paint no larger than 2’x2’.

Step 3: Using a low to medium speed, begin working the 3D SPEED over the panel using an overlapping, crosshatch pattern for 2-4 minutes.

Step 4: Move onto a new section of paint and repeat the above process until an entire panel has been worked with 3D SPEED.

Step 5:  After the wax has dried to a haze, normally around 15 to 20 minutes, remove the wax beginning with the panel where you first applied the wax and then following your path-of-travel, gently and carefully remove the wax using a clean, soft microfiber towels.  Turn the towel over or fold to a clean side often.  For best results, switch to a clean, dry microfiber towel often.

Professional Technique Tip

When using a one-step cleaner/wax also called an AIO or All-in-One, on neglected paint, you WORK the product like a compound.  The idea being to work the abrasives to correct the paint the same way you would work a compound or even a polish to remove swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation.

It’s the opposite of applying a non-cleaning wax, also called a finishing wax or show car wax, (this includes non-cleaning sealants).  With non-cleaning waxes and sealants – you do NOT work the product like a compound, polish or AIO, you simply want to spread the product out and massage it over the paint and cover 100% of each square inch of paint for maximum paint protection.

Additional Information

Compounds – Polishes – AIOs

When it comes to paint correction, there are three distinct categories of products that use abrasive technology,

  1. Compounds
  2. Polishes
  3. AIOs or All-in-One products (also referred to as cleaner/waxes or cleaner/sealants)

1: Compounds

These are the most aggressive products out of the three different categories.  

Car Detailing – In the detailing world, and for do-it-yourselfers, compounds are used when the defects you’re trying to remove are deep, throughout the entire vehicle, and/or the paint is very hard.  

Body Shops – In the body shop world, compounds are primarily used as the first step product to remove sanding marks after hand or machine sanding paint to remove orange peel, surface texture, runs, sags and dirt-in-paint or DIP.

2: Polishes

These come in Medium, Fine and Ultra Fine grades.  Polishes are less aggressive than true compounds.

Car Detailing – In the detailing world, polishes are normally used to TEST the paint to see if a polish will in fact remove the defects.  This is called doing a Test Spot.  If it is discovered a polish will remove the defects, things like swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation, to the owner’s expectation, then a polish is used for the first step process instead of a compound.  Factory paint is thin and the best approach when doing paint correction is to use the least aggressive process to get the job done because by doing so you remove the defects while preserving as much of the factory paint as possible.

Body Shops – In the body shop world, polishes are normally used after any compounding steps to refine the results from the compounding step.  Polishes because they are less aggressive tend to take good and great results to an even higher level of finish quality.  Because fresh paint should not be sealed until at least 30 days cure time has passed, in most cases, after the polishing step the job is complete.  Sometimes a body shop will apply a non-abrasive glaze to the paint after the polishing step to create a deep, wet shine.  

Products used in body shops are referred to as Body Shop Safe.  This means they do not contain any ingredients that can seal the surface of the paint or create surface tension and thus cause Fisheyes or other defects related to and/or caused by contamination on the paint, in the air lines or in the paint booth.  

3: AIOs – or All-in-Ones

All-in-One products use abrasive technology like compound and polishes but unlike compounds and polishes AIOs also include in the formula some type of protection ingredient to seal the paint during use.  This is the key difference that separates an AIO from a compound or a polish.

Car Detailing – In the car detailing world, AIO’s can vary in how aggressive or non-aggressive they are in the level of cut or abrading ability they offer.  

Chemical Cleaning Only - There are non-abrasive AIO’s that only offer chemical cleaning, no abrading ability.  This are the least aggressive of all AIO’s and generally used for when only light topical cleaning of the surface is needed for cars in new and like-new condition.

Light paint correction - There are AIOs that only offer very light cutting or abrading ability.  These are for vehicles that only suffer from light neglect and have not accumulated years of neglect resulting in deeper swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation.  Some light cutting AIOs are intended to be used as maintenance AIO’s for daily drivers.  The idea being that a because they do not offer much correction ability, and because regularly maintained daily drivers do not need much correction work, these types of products are preferred as they will restore the finish while removing the least amount of paint.  Thus, giving the paint the best chance of lasting as long as the mechanical life of the car.

Aggressive paint correction - These are AIO’s that actually offer a substantial amount of cut or abrading ability.  The cut these products offer would be similar to a Medium Cut Polish.  3D SPEED falls into this category.  Don’t let the word aggressive scare you, 3D Speed is incredibly safe and because it uses great abrasive technology it will not scratch and scour your car’s finish like products that use inferior abrasive technology.

Body Shops - AIOs are not Body Shop Safe.  Because the purpose of a true AIO is to offer both paint correction plus leave some type of protection ingredient behind on the surface to protect the paint and hold up to repeated washing and inclement weather, by their very nature, AIOs of any brand or type are not body shop safe.  This same logic applies to any conventional non-cleaning car wax, synthetic paint sealant and ceramic paint coating.

Get your products directly from the source

Like all 3D paint correction products, 3D SPEED uses our own proprietary abrasive technology.  We make it ourselves.  Unlike the bulk of the car care brands in the industry, we don’t purchase our abrasive technology from the same handful of global suppliers, we make it at our own manufacturing plant in Santa Clarita, California.

Moving forward, before you buy any compound, polish or AIO from any other company, check first to see if they have a video like the one above showing and proving they make their own abrasive technology.  If they are not a manufacturer, this means they have to buy from someone else.  This puts them at the mercy of a handful of suppliers with zero control of the quality or effectiveness of the abrasive technology.

Real-world features for 3D SPEED - Excellent correction ability, Zero dusting, Infinity working time, Super easy wipe-off, High gloss shine, 6+ months of durability for a daily driver.

Method of application

  • Hand – If you’re still working by hand this is the most effective hand-applied AIO.
  • Orbital polisher – (any type or brand of orbital polisher).
  • Rotary polisher – not recommended but certainly doable.

Price - When you shop directly with the manufacturer you cut out all the middleman and get the best prices PLUS the freshest products.  3D SPEED is available in 3 different sizes, and all are a great value.

  • 16 ounce - $18.99 = $1.20 per ounce.
  • 32 ounce - $29.99 = $1.06 per ounce.
  • 1-gallon - $99.99 = $.78 per ounce.

Do the math.  Compare the price of 3D SPEED against any other AIO and not only are you getting the best AIO on the market – you’re also saving money by getting the best deal for your hard-earned dollars.  

And remember, anyone that does not make their own abrasive technology by default has to go through a middle-man to get their abrasive technology and in order to make a profit they must pass this extra cost on to you – the customer.

Optional – Topping 3D Speed for longer lasting protection

While everyone loves the convenience of using a great one-step product like 3D SPEED, there are no brands of any AIO that lasts longer on a daily driver from 3 to 6 months.  This is simply the nature of the beast.  This goes back to the conundrum of how can a product that’s correcting the paint, (removing small particles of paint or leveling the surface), at the same time leave behind a layer of protection.  Or visa-versa – how can a product that protects the paint abrade the paint at the same time?  

The answer is this category of products, that is an AIO can do all these things in one step as one product, but the sacrifice is that to get a single product to do so much you give up extreme paint correction at one end of the performance spectrum and you give up extreme protection at the other end of the performance spectrum.

You always have the choice of turning a one-step process into a multiple-step process where you use a dedicated compounding step, followed by a dedicated polishing step followed by a dedicated sealing step but the obvious downside is the amount of time, work, energy, number of pads and towels that will be required for this extended process.

For most people, especially people that have used 3D SPEED and form real-world experience, have come to love the paint correction ability while leaving the paint protected in one step are happy to accept the compromise between easy and speed of use versus better results with more time, energy, and work.

The good news is, once you’ve detailed your car with the super easy to use 3D SPEED, squeezing more protection and longevity out of the work you’ve already done is as easy as topping the results.

Topping – Definition

The practice of applying a different type of wax or paint sealant over a first application of a wax or paint sealant to either create a thicker and more durable layer of protection or to create a deep, wet-look shine and usually you can obtain both of these end-results.

While topping is often thought of in the context of applying a non-cleaning carnauba wax (a show car or finishing wax), over a previously applied non-cleaning synthetic paint sealant.

But we are not limited to the above protocol and another common process for topping is to apply a non-cleaning wax or sealant over a one-step AIO.  The benefit being that the one-step AIO did all the paint correction and laid down a foundational layer of protection and next you apply a non-cleaning layer or wax or sealant that bonds to and TOPS the foundational layer of protection for even longer lasting beauty and protection.  And from personal experience – it works.


To extend the protection and longevity of the now perfectly polished paint, hand or machine apply 3D POXY by laying down a thin, uniform layer of product.  

Allow the 3D POXY to fully dry and then gently remove.  Done.  Your car should now look better than when you bought it and be protected for up to one year depending upon how the car is used, washed, and stored or where it’s parked, (inside a garage or outside exposed to the elements), for up to one year.


An even faster way to top the results created by 3D SPEED to extend protection is to use 3D Bead It Up.  3D Bead It Up is the fastest easiest to use spray-on, wipe-off ceramic coating booster on the market today.  Plus, it can be used over any paint protection product including 3D SPEED.

3D Bead It Up is a synthetic polymer-based spray-on booster that creates a super hydrophobic surface an any smooth, hard surface to which it is applied.  Originally formulated for use on ceramic coated vehicles, 3D Bead It Up is more versatile than competing product because it will work on any surface no matter what the chemistry used by the previously applied last step product.

This unique ability makes this the best choice for fast, easy maintenance for all your vehicles while restoring and maintaining maximum gloss, shine, protection, and the thing everyone loves… slickness.

Besides all these great features, the fresh tropical island Mango scent smells so good you’ll want to drink it – but don’t – save it for your car’s finish.



8 oz
16 oz
32 oz
1 Gallon