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3D GLW Series Ultimate Wash

3D GLW Series Ultimate Wash

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The 3D GLW Series Ultimate Wash is a premium car wash soap designed to deliver an exceptional, ultra-foaming wash that elevates your car washing experience. Formulated with powerful cleaners that effortlessly lift away dirt and contaminants, ensuring a scratch-free and immaculate finish.

  • Deep Cleaning Power
  • pH-Neutral
  • High-Foaming
  • Doesn’t Strip Existing Protection
  • Scratch-Free Formula
  • Made in the USA

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glw series car wash soap

3D GLW Series Ultimate Wash

Regular price starting at $16.99
Regular price Sale price starting at $16.99

Product Details

Ultimate Wash's unique chemical formulation creates ultra-thick foam that actively targets and encapsulates contaminants, making them easy to rinse away safely with little to no contact. No more worrying about laborious scrubbing or water drying too quickly causing water spots. Ultimate Wash effectively suspends harmful minerals in the water, preventing them from settling on the surface and preserving the integrity of your car's finish.

Ultimate Wash is not only effective in removing dirt and contaminants but also in providing a streak-free rinse. The product's high lubricity ensures a scratch-free wash, leaving your vehicle with a pristine, gleaming finish. The Ultimate Wash is specifically designed to penetrate, dissolve, and drag stubborn dirt, road grime, bird droppings, tree sap, and more that can accumulate on your vehicle's exterior.

tesla model y with foamy car soap on it

pH-Neutral Cleaning Power

Experience gentle yet effective cleaning with our pH-neutral formula, designed to preserve your car's finish while removing dirt and grime. Safe for all paint types, it ensures a thorough clean without harsh chemicals.

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Scratch-Free Formula

Our scratch-free formula includes lubricants that glide over your vehicle’s surface, lifting particles safely without leaving marks. Perfect for maintaining a flawless finish, it provides peace of mind during every wash.