Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT) Explained Further

What’s most interesting about HD and now 3D polishing compounds that contain this special technology is that it extends what is possible in both cutting and finishing characteristics because of not just the unique abrasives used, but also a special chemical booster that allows the abrasive package to cut harder and quicker while also finishing better. It’s almost as if this creates a multidimensional symmetry of sorts by pushing the boundaries of what a compound and polish are capable of achieving. Many manufacturers source their abrasives from similar sources. However, these abrasives can only do so much by themselves .Giving it a boost takes it to the next level. I’ve personally used so many different compounds over the decades, but I’ve never witnessed a system as powerful and easy to use as this one.

All the 3D & HD products that contain AAT can be used with any type of machine and buffing pad you’d like. However, the new 3D AAT Paint Correction System was created and is targeted towards the largest market in detailing which is body shops. And these shops typically are using rotary buffers. Not only is this platform (fresh refinishes) the largest, but it’s also the most difficult to create a product that works flawlessly on. This is mostly in part due to the many variables that can occur such as differences in paint systems (BASF, PPG, Sikkens, etc), forced or air cured (i.e.baked), and environmental/geographical factors throughout the world. AAT has been designed to work exceptionally well on the variables these fresh finishes present ultimately saving the end user time while producing a superior finish . The abrasives used have been specially selected so that it doesn’t tear away at these soft, almost jelly bean like finishes. Mechanical cutting can only do so much. Our chemical assistance takes the capabilities of the abrasives further This special chemical additive works in unison with the abrasives to assist with cutting and finishing duties. This chemical-mechanical system has been created to produce exceptional cut while leaving the least amount of surface hazing and dust. This not also works well on fresh paint finishes, but also on other softer surfaces such as PPF, bare metals & plastics. Another unique characteristic of AAT is its ability to hold the abrasives, lubricants & chemicals together in a slurry like even consistency. This ultimately produces a cleaner cutting action and also helps displace abraded material mitigating dust build up.

The folks at 3D/HD look forward to you trying 1 of our new AAT polishing compounds. We’re hoping it will change the way you look at polishing paint while also providing you with quicker and better results.

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