How To: Take Care of Jet Black Color

We all know how elegant and sexy a black car is, but we also know how difficult it is to maintain the color as it reflects every imperfection on the surface. The slightest scratch, dirt or unevenness of shine will be magnified like crazy! Luckily, 3D has you covered! From what products to use, step-by-step How-To procedures on fostering and keeping that sexy black car in top paint condition.

In this video, 3D will demonstrate a FLEX XC3401 VRG polisher on a 70′ Porsche 914. This machine is a forced rotation, dual action polisher with 3D Products light purple pad which is a good all purpose pad used together with 3D AAT 505 Corrective Glaze to correct, polish and seal to make this deep black finish.

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