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Detailing Made Simple: Saving Time in the Prep Bay - 3D Car Care

Detailing Made Simple: Saving Time in the Prep Bay

Many professional detailers and novices as well are plagued by the amount of time spent just to prep a vehicle before performing a full detailing. Many spend 2, 3 and even 4 hours just to prepare a car for the detailing process!! I can’t help but to scratch my head when I read how in-depth a person feels they need to go just to prep a car for a detailing operation. Even though properly prepping a car is unarguably the most important step in the detail process, some are under the false notion that the vehicle has to be surgically...

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Perfecting Your Final Touch - 3D Car Care

Perfecting Your Final Touch

After all the major steps in cleaning or detailing your car are done, you are now ready to put the icing on the cake. Making sure that the windows and panels are fingerprint and smudge free. This Final Touch product from 3D is a light cleaner for removing smudges and prints on the car when the initial detailing procedure is done. You can also use this as your “re-touch” cleaner the day after your car wash. If it rained slightly or you left your car outside and the morning mist left spots of dirt, this would be your perfect water-less...

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Starting Your Detailing Business - 3D Car Care

Starting Your Detailing Business

So, you’ve decided to start your own detailing business? Well, whether you work from home or you plan on going mobile; you will need to consider a few things. In this article, we will go over startup costs, the basic elements of detailing and also what you can expect down the road. The main concept of a car wash is not to strip the protective wax but to clean the dust and dirt off off the paint, tires, and trim of the vehicle. It is simple and easy to clean the exterior with a waterless car wash. This way, you...

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