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Black Microfiber Towels



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  • Premium 16" x 16" 400gsm edgeless microfiber towel
  • Laser-cut edges reduce risk for marring and scratching
  • Plush cushion for delicate work and flat weave for stout work
  • Black color great for wheels, tires, and engines

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Additional Information

Don’t skimp when it comes to towels

Much of the focus for any detailing project is usually placed on products and of course this is important.  But the quality of your microfiber towels are just as important.  And, when it comes to your car’s paint it’s actually more important.  Why?  Because everything that touches your car’s finish MUST be clean, soft, and uncontaminated.  It takes hours to perform paint correction and only seconds to put scratches back into the paint.  Avoid the risk and make sure you have plenty of clean, soft, uncontaminated microfiber towels in your detailing arsenal to keep your car’s finish swirls and scratch-free.

It's also vitally important to have clean laundry hampers or storage containers to store dirty microfiber towels until you’re ready to do your microfiber laundry as well as a clean place to store your microfiber towels after they come out of the dryer and are inspected and folded for future use. 

The most common root cause for swirls and scratches in your car’s finish comes from the things that touch the paint and for must of us this means the wash mitts, microfiber towels and drying towels.  If you don’t already have a process in place to take care of your microfiber tools – start today.  It’s much easier and faster to avoid swirls and scratches because your microfiber towels are clean, soft, plush, and uncontaminated than it does to machine compound and polish your car.

Use 3D Towel Kleen to wash and maintain your towels to get the maximum performance and longevity out of your 3D towel collection.

What is it?

A 80/20 blend of polyester to polyamide microfiber cloth that is an exceptionally soft.  These towels are laser-cut so they are edgeless in design to reduce the risk of marring paint.  These 400-gram microfiber towels are purpose-designed for buffing off polishes, waxes, and paint sealants as well as ceramic paint coatings.

What does it do?

3D microfiber towels safely remove waxes and sealants off car paint more effectively than conventional options like cotton terrycloth bath towels, t-shirts, diapers, and cheesecloth.  The microscopic size of the individual filaments excel at both absorbing and adsorbing both liquids and dried films like compound, polish, and wax residues. 

When do I use it?

After applying a coat of car wax, synthetic sealant or ceramic paint coating and then waiting for the recommended drying or flash time and then wiping any excess product off the surface.  Anytime you need to remove the residues left by compounds, polishes, and all-in-ones.  3D microfiber towels are also perfect for use with any spray-on, wipe-off products like 3D Waterless Wash, Final Touch, Foaming Waterless Wash, Glass Cleaner, etc.

Why use 3D microfiber towels over other options?

The 3D brand of microfiber towels were specifically sourced with the expectation for offering our customers a premium quality microfiber towel.  There are so many   cheap microfiber towels on the market and like the old saying goes, 

You get what you pay for.

When it comes to our customers, we want to make sure you have a 5-star experience anytime you’re using any 3D products.  Part of the experience with using liquids you apply and then remove is the wipe-off experience. 

It doesn’t do any good to use the best products in the detailing industry only to use sub-standard towels.  So here at 3d we did the research and testing for you so you can focus on your detailing project without having to worry or deal with junk microfiber towels.

3D microfiber towels are super soft and plush.  Above all, they are completely safe for even the softest paints without the risk of marring the paint.  Because there's no sewn edge, you will also reduce the potential to re-introduce marring or scratches as is possible from some microfiber towels with sewn edges.


Step 1:  Before starting any detailing project, clean a table and/or workbench to ensure it’s clean and contaminant free.

Step 2:  Gather a dozen towels or so and then one-by-one, lay them out flat on a clean surface and inspect them both visually and tactically with your sense of touch.  If you discover any sharp, hard particulates on or embedded in the weave of the microfiber towel, pick the contaminant out or relegate this towel for non-detailing work.  For example, save contaminated towels to wipe oil and other fluid drips off the floor.

Step 3:  Once you have confirmed the towels you’ve inspected are clean and contaminant free, when you’re to wipe with a towel, fold the towel 4-ways to create 8 dedicated sides for wiping.  Grasp the open edges of the folded towel between your index finger and your thumb.  Holding the towel, lay it out flat with your fingers all stretched apart.  Next detract your fingers to bring them together trapping portion of the top layer of the folded microfiber towel between your fingers.  This is how you hold a towel – you’re read to wipe.

Pro Detailer Microfiber Color Coding System

In the professional car detailing world, seasoned pros know to use a color-coding system for their towels.  The reason why this is important is because when you use a color-coding system you are dedicating specific colors of towels for specific products and function.

Besides using specific colors of towels with specific products and functions, it’s also important to always WASH & DRY these color-coded groups of towels together and do not mix them with your other color-coded towels.  Some products you use are water soluble and will wash out easily while other products are water insoluble and not as easily washed or removed from the microfiber fabric.  By washing specific color-coded towels together you have the best chance for maximum cleaning of the towels and maximum performance of the towels over their service life.

Black – Wheels, Tires Engines, Door Jambs

Some areas of a vehicle are more prone to the really dirty, grungy, and oily build-up or traffic film and pollution than other areas and these tend to be the areas closest to the road, for example wheels, tires, and wheel wells. 

These lower areas will also tend to have brake dust, which is tiny particles of metal, and these tiny particles of metal can and will embedded deeply and tightly into the weave of a microfiber towel.  Professionals know to wash wheels with a quality wheel brush like the Wheel Woolies Black Boar’s Hair Wheel Face Brush.  Besides the fact that the 2” long medium density bristles excel and cleaning a wheel thoroughly and safely, the bristles are a LOT easier to rinse out than any type of microfiber towel or wash mitt.

There are occasions however when you’ll want and need to wipe your vehicle’s wheels or tires with a microfiber towel and for these occasions – you choose black as the color-code for your wheels and tires you can avoid wiping your car’s exterior body panels, (paint), plastic or chrome surfaces with towels that could potentially be contaminated with brake dust.

Door jambs, hood jambs, trunk lid jambs and hatchback jambs also tend to get an accumulation of more gritty types of dirt, rainwater from roads and other grimy soiling.  Reserve your black microfiber towels for these areas and limit any risk.

The Microfiber Towel Cycle

In order to keep your towels clean and uncontaminated, you need to have a process in place to take care of your towels.  This process includes, 

    1: A place to store your clean towels when not in use.

    2: A place to store used towels until you are ready to make a wash load.

    3: A place to inspect and fold your towels when they come out of the clothes dryer.

    4: And last but not least, we’re back to number #1 - a place to store your clean towels to keep them clean until needed.

Additional Information
  • Premium quality microfiber towels for removing compounds, polishes, waxes, spray detailers, ceramic coatings, waterless washes, etc.
  • Laser-cut edges reduce the risk for towel-edge marring.
  • Perfect blend of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide for max performance.
  • 16” by 16” square folded 4-ways creates an 8” by 8” wiping surface with a plush cushion of microfiber that fits your hand perfectly.
  • Plush side for delicate work and flat weave side for more stout work.
  • 4-color coding streamlines the detailing process. 
  1. Yellow = Interior, leather, vinyl, plastic, and fabrics.
  2. Green = Exterior, paint, chrome, hard plastic trim.
  3. Black – Wheels, tires engines, door jambs.
  4. Blue – Glass – glass cleaners and glass polishes.
  • Available in 12-packs – You can never have too many microfiber towels.
Black Microfiber Towels

Black Microfiber Towels

1 Towel